The Book Project

The Book Project

After Madeline died I felt so lost and alone. I wanted to read something I could relate to, so I crawled out of bed, went to the bookstore and wandered through the aisles searching for a book to help me. The selection was awful (though there are many amazing books on the topic, the bookstores tend not to carry them) and the two books they did carry were in the pregnancy section next to books about raising a daughter- something I would never be able to do now. I left in tears.

Three and a half years (almost to the day) after Madeline's death and birth, my own book- Still: a collection of honest artwork and writings from the heart of a grieving mother- was published. It is my hope that this book will help bereaved parents feel less alone in their despair. The Sweet Pea Project donates copies of Still. to hospitals and bereavement organizations, and every cent of profits received from the sale of the book goes toward purchasing more copies for donation. My goal is to get the book into the hospitals, where it can be handed to parents at their time of loss. This way they receive it effortlessly and immediately, and are spared the ordeal of searching through the bookstore when they'd rather not venture into the world just yet.

How You Can Help

You can help support the vision of the Sweet Pea Project by sponsoring copies of Still. to be donated to newly bereaved parents through hospitals, support groups and bereavement organizations. There are a few ways to do this. You could simply buy an extra copy and drop it off at your local hospital. You could make a donation to the Sweet Pea Project and let us send the books out where they are needed. Or maybe you could use this as a way to honor your child on his or her birthday (or any day) collecting donations from friends and relatives to purchase a stack of books for your hospital or make a donation for books to the Sweet Pea Project, with a special bookplate attached to the front of each copy that says it was donated in memory of your sweet little one's short but precious life. Hospitals and bereavement organizations receive a 50% discount on books when purchasing directly through the publisher.

Visit the Donation page for more information and contact with any questions you may have. Thank you.

*The Sweet Pea Project is run entirely on donations,

so we are very grateful for your compassion and generosity. Businesses and individuals who make large contributions may be featured on our

Sweet Pea Supporters page.

For details on where we've donated books, visit How We're Helping.

Please click here for details about the book we donate, Still. by Stephanie Paige Cole