Annual Remembrance Gathering

Thank you to everyone who joined us at this year's Remembrance Gathering. We hope to see you back at the stream again next October. 

Photos from this year's gathering are now up on our photo share site. Please contact us if you did not receive that link in your email.


Sweet Pea Project's 11th Annual Remembrance Gathering
will be held at Lititz Springs Park on Thursday, October 15, 2020
further details will be announced in Autumn 2020

Sweet Pea Project's 10th Annual Remembrance Gathering
a community gathering in celebration of the short but precious lives of the babies we so desperately love and miss

There is beauty in the gathering together of similarly broken hearts. It is a salve, this time of remembrance.  There is poetry in the ritual.  And it is time, once again, to devote a short, sweet evening to the children cradled within our hearts.

On Tuesday, October 15, Sweet Pea Project will hold their 10th Annual Remembrance Gathering in observance of National Remembrance Day for babies who have died during pregnancy or infancy. As the sun slowly sets, the stream will be filled with candles and lined with flowers, the wind will be filled with music, and broken hearts will be filled with love, a longing for things to be different, always, and a feeling that though their baby isn’t here in their arms, they are never fully gone.

The community (bereaved families, their friends, neighbors, coworkers, medical staff-anyone who has had their lives touched by loss) is invited to Lititz Springs Park, where they will be writing short messages to their children on candles, and floating them down the flower-lined stream, illuminating the waters with the love that forever flows between them and their children. Bobbi Carmitchell will once again be providing musical accompaniment as each child’s name is read.

Because this is the 10th Remembrance Gathering for the organization, founder Stephanie Cole, whose own daughter Madeline would be approaching her 13th birthday this winter, wanted to add an extra touch this year. She settled on filling the park with the peaceful sounds of wind chimes- one for each family who has a child or children missing from their family portraits. “I love the idea of using wind chimes to represent our grief and love for our babies who have died, because it is such a perfect balance of delicate and bold,” Cole explains. “They are beautiful and their sound is gentle and sweet- but they are undeniably making noise, their presence cannot be ignored.”

Lititz Springs Park is located at 18 N Broad St in Lititz.  Guests should arrive at the park from 5:30-6 to ensure enough time to personalize their candle. Names will be read as the sun sets, around 6:20pm. There will be a table of sweet treats to enjoy while we wait for the sun to descend. As always, donations are never required but are always welcomed as we strive to provide unique and meaningful events for the families in our community.
This event is free, but registration is required. Register now at

Event shirts have been designed specially for the occasion and will be for sale in our Sweet Pea Tee Shop for a limited time only (to ensure that they are shipped out in enough time to be worn to the Remembrance Gathering). Shirts will be available until Monday, Sept 23 at this link:  

If you are unable to order shirts in time for the event but would like a Sweet Pea Project shirt, we will be offering SPP shirts in the shop during October as part of our awareness/fundraising campaign. Watch our facebook and instagram pages for those details.

In honor of one decade of Sweet Pea Project hosting Remembrance Gatherings, we would like to offer each family a special gift this year. Thanks to a generous donation from the family of Aria Rose Kimball, bereaved parents will be able to take a wind chime home with them to keep the gentle music of their child's remembrance with them throughout the year. One parent should come to the pavilion at the end of the event to pick their wind chime up. *Please note: Only one wind chime will be given to each family, even if that family has suffered multiple losses. Wind chimes are for parents only, not extended family, because of our limited supply. Though we will do our best to make sure we have enough wind chimes on hand, we are not able to guarantee that every family will receive one. Families must be registered by October 1st in order to receive a wind chime. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact  Thank you, and we hope to see you at the park on October 15.

This event is held rain or shine.