Sweet Pea Sisters & Brothers Big Day Out

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Sweet Pea Project's 6th Annual Summer Children's Event!

There is no greater pain for a parent than the pain of outliving their child.  But we parents are not the only ones who suffer.  The death of a baby can be very difficult on our surviving children, and even our subsequent children. These kids witness their parents wrestling with overwhelming grief, and struggle with their own feelings of sadness and confusion. They deserve a day just to be carefree children, playing with their parents in the sunshine and having fun, and that is what our annual children's events are all about. 
Sweet Pea Project will hold this special event for children who have lost a brother or sister during pregnancy or infancy on Sunday, June 5, 2016.  Parents are invited to bring their surviving and subsequent children to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA for a day of family fun.  Guests will have full access to all the rides, waterpark, and shows from 10am until 8:30pm- and are invited to join us for free pizza and ice cream from 12:30-2:30.  

We understand that grandparents may wish to join in on the fun, so we are opening up this event to them for a tax deductible donation of $30 per additional extended family member. This donation will provide them with admission to the park, as well as access to our pizza and ice cream buffet.

We hope guests who have attended previous events will wear their picnic shirts, or make their own personalized shirts to wear. What a great feeling of community and unity it will be to see Sweet Pea Project green spreading throughout the amusement park! 

This event is free but registration is required no later than April 30. Please contact Beth@sweetpeaproject.org with any questions.