Sweet Pea Volunteers

Because it is important to us that our donation dollars are spent caring for bereaved families, Sweet Pea Project is run entirely by volunteers. To meet the passionate parents who serve on our Board of Directors, please click HERE. Scroll down this page to meet a few of the wonderful volunteers who do so much for Sweet Pea Project.


Our greatest volunteer need is for our Annual Remembrance Gathering on October 15 in Lancaster, PA and our Annual sibling picnic on the first Saturday of June in Lititz, PA. Please email us if you are interested in helping out.

Sweet Pea Project Volunteers

Melissa Obetz

Blanket Coordinator/Hospital Liaison

Melissa began volunteering for Sweet Pea Project in October 2011 as part of her nursing program's community service project. She accepted the position of Hospital Coordination Volunteer a year later, after her own daughter died shortly after birth. Melissa donates her time to Sweet Pea Project in honor of the little girl who made her a mother, Alexandra. "I volunteer for Sweet Pea Project because I think it is a wonderful organization. Stephanie has made so many advances in how these delicate situations are handled. She is a strong woman and I want to help her on her mission to help these women and their families."

Amy Lubenow

Record Keeping & Contact Assistant

"I volunteer for Sweet Pea Project in memory of my daughter, Kelsey Anne. I have found so much understanding, comfort, passion and community in Sweet Pea Project's work and am honored to help out in any way I can."

Jenn Porsche

Secretarial Support & Community Events Volunteer

Jenn and her children volunteer for Sweet Pea Project in honor of their precious Noah Alexander.

Donna Kulfan

Community Event Volunteer

"Sweet Pea Project is an organization that says, "We have been there, we are here with you, we SEE you." I volunteer because I believe some family will be less alone in their sadness because of Sweet Pea. I am here because I care, because I know and because I want to honor the priceless gift of my precious granddaughter Madeline Jonna and my beautiful daughter Stephanie."

Catherine Bayly

Community Event Volunteer

"I am honored to work with Sweet Pea Project whenever they'll have me. I lost my first daughter, Sophie, in 2005 and have since found an extraordinary community here. Stephanie--and her board of caring, grieving, loving parents--lives through grief with art and writing, celebrations when joyful, and empathic mourning when so desperately needed. They give completely, from books to blankets to endless support. I feel very lucky to be a part of their engaged way of remembering."

David Horst

Community Event Volunteer

"In the beginning, I volunteered for Sweet Pea Project simply because Stephanie asked me to. However, after being at the events, and both seeing and hearing other people’s reactions I now have more reasons to volunteer. For the grieving persons who choose to participate, I have seen Sweet Pea activities meeting some of their needs in very deep and powerful ways. So, it is quite easy to for me volunteer to help. I volunteer for Sweet Pea because I believe it is truly helping hurting people."

Jamie and Catelyn Jones

Community Event Volunteers

"I volunteer for Sweet Pea Project because it is an amazing organization that helps all members of the family grieve for the loss of a child. It is nice to have somewhere for people to turn when they don't know what to do with their emotions and allows them to connect with others going through the same thing. Stephanie, Nicole, and Beth are strong, amazing women and I am proud to be able to help with the wonderful work that they do for the community."

Kerry Parker

Community Event Volunteer

"I volunteer with the Sweet Pea Project because I have seen it serve as a strong, compassionate support group for those who have lost the most precious thing in life: a baby. As a labor and delivery nurse, I have been able to offer those going through this devastating experience something real--contact information of people whom I now know personally, events and memorials right here in our town, and love and understanding from an amazing organization, which I am proud to be a part of."