Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth

(The Missing Angels Bill)

When a baby is stillborn the parents are offered a Death Certificate, but not a Birth Certificate.

Families who have suffered the agony of stillbirth deserve some sort of certificate of birth as well.

The answer is a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth.

34 states have already passed this important piece of legislation

Check HERE to see if your state is one of them. If it isn't, GET INVOLVED.

To learn more about the CBRS Bill, also known as the Missing Angels Bill,

please visit the MISS Foundation's Legislative Reference page.

Did you know...

A baby who is born at 19 weeks gestation, pre-viability, but takes one breath before passing away is issued a Certificate of Birth and is counted in infant mortality rates. Conversely, a baby who is born at 40 weeks gestation and dies just one second prior to birth will receive only a Death Certificate and is not counted in infant mortality statistics.


On July 7, 2011, after 11 years of PA families fighting to get this legislation adopted,

Pennsylvania became the 31st state to pass the MISSing Angels Bill

PA Residents: Click here for information on obtaining your child's certificate

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A mother's personal plea...

My daughter Madeline died one week after her due date. Many babies are already cuddled in their mother's loving arms by that point (both of my sons were) but because Madeline was still in my womb she was not given a birth certificate and she was not counted in infant mortality rates. I was often treated as though I had "lost a pregnancy" when in reality what I had lost was my only daughter, my first born child, my beautiful little 7 pound 11.1 ounce baby girl. My Madeline. She was a real person, I really gave birth to her, and it is time that the State of Pennsylvania- and every state for that matter!- recognized these truths. Our children may have come into this world in silence, but we as mothers simply cannot stay silent any longer. Please join me in raising awareness of the need for this important piece of legislation. Thank you.

Sincerely, Stephanie Cole