Sweet Pea Project's Winter Community Funds Drive
January 5, 2018- February 8, 2018

At the core of who we are is a connection to one another, a deep understanding, a community.

This year, our winter drive is focused on just that.  When you make a donation of $20 or more during our Winter Drive, your baby's name will be handwritten on a sign at one of our community events, thanking them and their families for making these gatherings possible.

You may choose if you would like your contribution to go toward the Sweet Pea Sisters & Brothers Picnic in June or the Remembrance Gathering in October. A donation of $40 or more will place your child's name on signs at both events.  In addition, a donation of $100 or more will place your child's name on signs at both events as well as list your family as a sponsor of the event of your choosing.

We truly would not have been able to build this community without you. And we are so grateful for everything we have been able to do for you and with you all.  Thank you.

To donate please send your tax deductible contribution to us via paypal (using as the recipient) or by check, mailed to us at Sweet Pea Project / PO Box 10351 / Lancaster, PA 17605. Be sure to include the following pieces of information with your donation:
  • Your child's name
  • The event you would prefer to donate towards
  • Your name & address (for our records and so that you can receive tax receipts)

Please note: You do not need to make multiple donations to include the names of each sibling if you have experienced the immense tragedy of more than one death. Also, if your financial situation precludes you from being able to participate, but it would mean a great deal to you to have your baby's name included, please email us.  Thank you.