this is ten
a blanket drive for Sweet Pea Project

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This winter marks ten years since my daughter's death and birth, in that devastating order.  My life today does not look anything like I thought it would while I was pregnant with her.  She is not here with us, celebrating double digits while growing into a body that looks less and less like a little girl's with each passing day, with a brilliant mind that amazes me, and a kind heart that fills me with pride. And my life today does not look anything like I thought it would after she died, either. Everything felt so empty and bleak back then- I could have never dared to dream of a life filled with love and joy, noisier and more wonderfully colorful than anything I have ever known.  And she is still a quiet part of it all.  Madeline is not here, but she has not faded.  This is not what I expected.  But, here we are.  I guess this is ten.  -Stephanie Paige Cole

this is ten

With Madeline and Mark's 10th birthdays in January and February, respectively, Stephanie Cole and Beth Gauthier felt compelled to do something to honor the decade since their births- the decade spent mothering them through kindness and outreach.  Returning to the deepest root of Sweet Pea Project seemed like the perfect answer.  Sweet Pea Project began with a blanket, and the desire to give other mothers what we did not have. This winter, we will be holding a special blanket drive. We have selected ten sweet and soft blankets that we will donate to hospitals across the country, so that newly bereaved parents can swaddle their babies during their short time together, and have something tangible and sacred to hold onto after they have said their painful goodbyes.  

Because we have a larger impact when we work together- and because we know firsthand just how healing it is to the heart when you help another in honor of your child- we are inviting you to please join us in this endeavor.  For every donation of $10, one of these ten blankets will be donated to a hospital in honor of your child.  Each hospital will receive ten blankets, so a donation of $100 will provide an entire box of blankets for one hospital.  Those who donate complete boxes can designate to which hospital they would like the box donated. A note will be included in each box, dedicating the blankets in memory of the children whose loved ones contributed.    

We encourage you to consider using this as a way to involve your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers in your child's remembrance over the holidays this year.  This project may have begun with our children- but it has only grown as widely and beautifully as it has because of you and your undying love for your child.  

The drive will run from November 16 until December 31.  The blankets will then be distributed beginning on Madeline's birthday, January 5th, and ending on Mark's birthday, February 8th.  A list of all the hospitals that receive the blankets will be made available, so that our supporters are able to see just how far their generosity- and their child's legacy- have reached.

To Participate:
  • Donations in increments of $10 can be made securely online with a credit card via PayPal, or by check mailed to Sweet Pea Project (PO Box 10351, Lancaster PA 17605-0351).  
  • Clearly mark on your donation or note on paypal the word "ten" along with your child's name. 
  • If you are donating $100 or more, you may choose to designate the hospital which will receive the blankets.  Be sure to include the hospital name and mailing address, as well as the name and email address of the bereavement coordinator, chaplain, or L&D head nurse who has already agreed to receive and use our blankets
  • To be included in this blanket drive, the donation must be sent in by Dec 31, 2016.
All donations to Sweet Pea Project are tax deductible. Please include your mailing address to receive a receipt/thank you card.

*Please note: we are not accepting donations of physical blankets at this time. Sweet Pea Project will use 100% of the donations from this drive to purchase preselected blankets directly from vendors, to be shipped to participating hospitals.  A list of hospitals affiliated with Sweet Pea Project can be found at www.sweetpeaproject.org/how-we-are-helping.  Please contact Stephanie@sweetpeaproject.org and Beth@sweetpeaproject.org with any questions.

Thank you.

this is ten blanket gallery

These are the 10 soft and cozy blankets that have been selected for donation to hospitals all across the country through Sweet Pea Project's "this is ten" blanket drive this winter. A donation of $100 brings the entire box of blankets to the hospital of your choosing, but even just a donation of $10 makes a huge impact on the heart of a grieving parent. Your $10 places one of these soft blankets into the hands of a bereaved mother and father- giving them something special to swaddle their baby in as they say hello and goodbye all in the same breath, and something sacred to cling to in the lonely nights that will follow. Please consider giving this gift of small comfort to a shattered heart. 

super soft double layer plush blanket with sherpa backing 


100% organic cotton receiving blanket

super soft double layer fleece and velboa blanket

Ultra-soft 100% muslin swadding receiving blanket