this is ten-Book Drive

this is ten
a book drive for Sweet Pea Project

Please scroll down to the TO PARTICIPATE section for details on how to donate.

"Throughout the ten years that I have been involved with Sweet Pea Project, I have worked alongside Stephanie and Beth to help create a safe place in the grieving community for other families going through such tragedy. Stephanie was the first person that I talked to after my son Max was stillborn, now a decade ago. I had received a book donated in memory of Madeline, Stephanie's daughter, and that is what first connected us. Because of that, a book drive seemed fitting for Max's 10th birthday. This is how we parent now, book drives and fundraisers and support for each other." -Nicole Vasquez

this is ten

For Madeline and Mark's 10th birthdays a few years ago, Sweet Pea Project honored them with a blanket drive, reflecting back to the early days of Sweet Pea Project that began with blankets. With Max's 10th birthday this winter, we wanted to do something to honor the decade since his birth, 10 years of his mother's love and activism and service to our community. Since Nicole first found her way to Stephanie and Beth after being given a book at the hospital, donated for Madeline's birthday, a book drive seemed like the perfect way to honor Max's birthday.  

Because we have a larger impact when we work together- and because we know firsthand just how healing it is to the heart when you help another in honor of your child- we are inviting you to please join us in this endeavor.  For every donation of $10, a copy of Still or to linger on hot coals will be donated to a hospital.  Each hospital will receive ten books (5 copies of each), so a donation of $100 will provide an entire box of books for one hospital.  Those who donate complete boxes can designate to which hospital they would like the box donated. A bookplate will be placed inside the front cover of each book, and the name of  the child whose loved ones contributed will be handwritten lovingly on the bookplate, dedicating the donation in his/her memory.     

We encourage you to consider using this as a way to involve your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers in your child's remembrance over the holidays this year.  This project may have begun with our children- but it has only grown as widely and beautifully as it has because of you and your undying love for your child.  

The drive will run from November 16 until December 31.  A list of all the hospitals that receive the books will be made available, so that our supporters are able to see just how far their generosity- and their child's legacy- have reached.

To Participate:
  • Clearly mark on your donation or note on paypal the word "ten" along with your child's name. 
  • Please be sure to include the child's name exactly as you would like it to appear on the bookplate. (Space is limited, so we unfortunately cannot include birth dates or messages, only names.)
  • If you are donating $100 or more, you may choose to designate the hospital which will receive the books.  Be sure to include the hospital name and mailing address, as well as the name and email address of the bereavement coordinator, chaplain, or L&D head nurse who has already agreed to receive and distribute the books to newly bereaved patients in their care
  • To be included in this book drive, the donation must be sent in by Dec 31, 2019

All donations to Sweet Pea Project are tax deductible. Please include your mailing address to receive a receipt/thank you card.

*A list of hospitals affiliated with Sweet Pea Project can be found at  Any hospital not listed can be added, as long as the hospital agrees to participate. Please contact or with any questions.

Thank you.