Using the Sweet Pea Project Blankets

The blankets donated by the Sweet Pea Project are to be lovingly wrapped around babies who have died before, during, or shortly after birth.  Please allow the parents to choose which blanket they feel best suits their beautiful child.  Gently swaddle the baby in the blanket during the time the family spends together, and take a photograph of the baby in the blanket.  After they have said goodbye, return the blanket to the parents.  Make sure they receive the Sweet Pea Project tag, so that they know it was given with love and sympathy from other bereaved parents.

Some health care professionals have voiced concern over the fact that the blankets may become stained from the baby's body.  If you are concerned about this, you may use a hospital blanket under our blanket.  Please keep in mind that most parents will not be bothered by a slightly stained blanket from their child.  If the blanket has some blood on it, explain this to the parents before giving it back to them so that they are not caught off guard by it.  If they refuse the blanket, please hold on to it in case they change their mind after the shock has worn off a bit.

                                                                               photograph by Stephanie Cole

when you are in need of more blankets please contact