Children's Grief Awareness Day Art Hour

This event has already been held. 
Thank you to everyone who joined us!

                                                                                                photography by Grace Photos

Join us in the Morgan Center at Manheim Township Public Library on Thursday, November 20th from 6pm-7pm for our special Children's Grief Awareness Day Art Hour.  We'll be completing the "Hands & Hearts Full Family Mobile" project that the children began working on at this year's picnic, and enjoying some cookies and cocoa. 

The death of a baby can be very difficult on a child. They witness their parents wrestling with overwhelming grief, and struggle with their own feelings of sadness and confusion. These children deserve a day just to be carefree children, playing with their parents in the sunshine and having fun, and each year Sweet Pea Project offers those families that kind of a day at their annual Sweet Pea Sisters & Brothers Picnic.  At this year's picnic, the children traced their hands and decorated the tracings with paint, markers, colored pencils, crayons, and glitter glue.  The hands of the children in each family will be strung together, including a heart for the children that have died, so that the mobile represents *all* our the children in each family.

To learn more about our annual children's picnic and the ways in which we strive to create fun and healthy ways for children to express their grief, please visit  

Please note: The fliers that were handed out at the picnic incorrectly stated the time for this event.  It will be held from 6pm until 7pm.  Thank you.