Because it is so important to me that we get this book in the hands of bereaved parents effortlessly and immediately, I have made an arrangement with my publisher so that hospitals, bereavement organizations and individuals who wish to purchase books for donation purposes can order the books directly through the publisher at a 50% discount.  This brings the cost of the books to $5 per copy.  To take advantage of this, please follow the instructions below.

To order books directly through the publisher, email: and include the following:
a)     Title of book
b)     Quantity 
c)      Phone number and email address for any order questions
d)     Full and Complete Street Address for proper for shipping
e)      Please note that you are purchasing these for donation to a hospital or bereavement  organization and were told they would therefore be $5.00 a copy (50% off discount)
Upon receipt of the order request, a payment invoice will be sent as an attached pdf. Please allow at least 3-4 days for the invoice to be sent by our Book Order Team. Your order will not be placed until the invoice is returned with payment.
The subject of your email should be “Still – BRW – Order for Hospital Donation Purposes”